I like to travel a great deal. We have a small motor home and have also recently enjoyed trips to Mexico and the British Isles. One of the things I enjoy doing is visiting historic places. These might include events like the Battle of Culloden in the Highlands of Scotland, where the Jacobite army of Charles Stuart was crushed by Great Britain. Or standing at Dismal Nitch near the mouth of the Columbia River across from Astoria on a rainy day.

In either case, standing quietly, breathing deeply and holding what happened in 1746 or 1805 in my mind and heart now is witnessing. I do the same thing when I pay respects at a Civil War battlefield. The blood is in the ground. No need for poetic words or patriotic music. Just my silently being fully present is enough.

Witnessing is not passive for me: I can feel the metaphysical connection with the people who were there. It is an honoring of those in the past who lived and lost their lives there. By taking the time to receive the energy  I can return to these sites in my mind’s eye whenever I want.

The thought occurs to me often that those players who are still connected to a site may not care for the souvenir shops and zip lines many pilgrims believe are essential.

Your thoughts? Where have you been able to witness?


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